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Côte d’Azur

Mediterranean Holidays: which are this summer’s prestigious destinations?

Sun, sea, beaches… The Mediterranean abounds with charming holiday locations. But which deckchair should you choose? Here’s a choice selection for travellers who want to head south.


Nothing beats the Mediterranean if you are looking for a change of scenery without spending 18 hours on an aeroplane. However, the region is vast and it can be hard to choose your destination. Therefore, if you want to find your own little corner of paradise and spend a holiday rich in luxury, peace and pleasure, several options exist.



Prestigious treasures in France



Situated just a few hours from the French capital, Monaco is the city of luxury par excellence. With its cobbled streets, luxury shops and five-star hotels, it’s hard not to enjoy your stay on the Rock and its private beaches. Its many casinos are bound to draw you in for an evening’s entertainment.



Only a few minutes away by boat, the Ile de Beauté is full of treasures. Whether it be Bonifacio, with its breathtaking cliffs and charming restaurants, Ajaccio where you can sip cocktails on the patio of a luxury establishment, or Porto Vecchio for partying, there’s something for everyone. Located to the north of Corsica, Ile Rousse, with its small picturesque port, will appeal to boat lovers.



Located only a few minutes by car from Marseille, Cassis and its tourist port, as well as La Ciotat and its expansive beaches, will win you over. No need to go far to feel like you’re on vacation in these small towns that are in no way inferior to Cannes or St Tropez. The creeks (calanques) of La Ciotat are remarkable.



Luxury destinations around Spain


The Balearic Islands

The small archipelago located off the coast of Spain has been a sure bet for decades. Even today, its long, white sandy beaches and its huge cathedral make visitors feel as though they’re living a dream. For a guaranteed luxury stay, you can count on its many five-star establishments and their quality services.



Palm trees, the city’s name written in large letters when you arrive there by car… You’re not in Hollywood, but in Marbella, a small Andalusian town in the very south of Spain. Marbella is a pleasant city for fans of luxury resorts with infinity pools, clubs and high-end restaurants.



Dolce Vita in Italy



Ponza in every way resembles a picture postcard. Each year, this small island off the Italian coast of Lazio attracts ever more celebrities, who are charmed by its troglodyte houses, narrow streets and fragrance of fig trees. In Ponza, the cuisine is Neapolitan and the nights are long. This is the « dolce vita ».



Sit back and relax on the island of Ischia, renowned the world over for its thermal spas, no doubt the most beautiful and biggest in Europe. It is located on a beautiful bay surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation.


Cinque Terre

When Italy takes on the appearance of heavenly Greek Islands: Cinque Terre, with its tall houses, bright colours and unique atmosphere, is a feast for the eyes. These five villages, Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, are listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites and each one offers a different atmosphere. Monterosso, the northernmost village, will delight beach and leisure lovers, while Manarola offers the most unforgettable view.



Farther off the coast…



In the heart of the Mediterranean between Sicily and Tunisia, Malta, the smallest country in Europe, basks in the sun. The Buskett Gardens, Dingli cliffs and Blue Grotto are all must-see attractions on the ancient archipelago. The many starred hotels and restaurants offer an ideal way to relax after a busy day of sightseeing.



Located on the northern part of the island, a visit to Los Balos beach will leave you swept away by the beauty of the landscape. Its white sandy beach with turquoise water is a treasure hidden from tourists, as it is rather difficult to access. In the south, delightful little villages filled with the aromas of thyme and tzatziki will make you forget that this is the tourist season. Paradise.


Wherever you set down your suitcases this summer, it’s likely that you won’t be disappointed by your stay. Clubbing, leisure or sightseeing… the Mediterranean has something for everyone.

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