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Côte d’Azur

Cannes hinterland

Because it offers the best in quality on the French Riviera at more restrained prices than the immediate coastline, the Cannes hinterland continues to be sound market value, appealing to both the French as well as international clientele.



«Our agency has existed for 12 years, and for 4 months now we have been part of the Coldwell Banker network, we are its 20th agency in France, this enables us to increase our luxury sector offer,» explains Christophe Grenes (Coldwell Banker Mondatta Real Estate). We cover the hinterland quite extensively, in a broad area extending from Mougins to Sophia Antipolis, Valbonne, Mouans-Sartoux, Biot, Le Rouret and Plascassier. After dropping by 15 to 20%, this market is once again very dynamic, with steady prices. Our target falls between 800.000 and 1.2 million euros. As regards the demand, Mougins traditionally comes fi rst, followed by Valbonne and Biot, which are excellent carryover markets. A curb appeal that is refl ected in the price, Mougins of course is at the top of the lot, with an overall offer 15% more expensive than the neighbouring municipalities. For example, in Mougins we have just sold a 20-year old house, with a surface area of 150 m2 in a 1000 m2 garden with a pool for 700.000 euros. The same house would be worth only 600.000 euros outside Mougins! Generally, when the surface area exceeds 200 m2 , the sale price approaches or exceeds the symbolic million euros.»





For Gerald Gomis (Blue Square): «Our business is divided into two market segments, with on one side a midrange segment with prices of around one million euros, which is handled by the Blue Square Agency, and in conjunction the high end sector for which we have created a second brand, ‘Platinum Collection’. In the Cannes hinterland, the luxury sector is mainly based on large properties offered at around 5 to 6 million euros, for example the former Grasse perfume houses. In the coming months we will create, a Platinum Collection agency in the upper village of Mougins, near the tourist office. And in the future we will do the same in all sectors of the hinterland. Starting with Valbonne, which with Roquefort-les-Pins and Opio, seems to have held its own and has not suffered from any disturbance from the Pénétrante. Despite alarmist rumours, the market has remained very active. Our group, with its ten agencies was established here only 6 years ago. During this period, we went from four to 100 sales employees!

Whether on the coast or in the hinterland, French buyers are very rare in a market dominated by the British and Scandinavians. It should be noted, even if the Russians and the Emirates are less numerous, we carry out our largest sales with these buyers.





«Whatever the budget, our customers seeking holiday homes are mainly interested in charming properties, but demands for contemporary properties seem to be more common,» adds AnneMarie Garcin (Michaël Zingraf Real Christie’s Estate – Mougins). The rule in all cases being the absence of nuisance».

«Our Mougins agency covers Mougins, Valbonne, Mouans-Sartoux, Plascassier and Grasse. In this sector, Mougins remains at the top of requests from our French and international customers. The ideal is to be within walking distance of the old village. This year, we sold amongst others two beautiful homes to British buyers: the first, perfectly renovated, had all the subjective criteria to appeal to the foreign buyer, with a high quality contemporary renovation, a gym, home cinema lounge, a sophisticated wine cellar and a breathtaking view. Its price was over the 6 million euro mark. The second, with the old village restaurants within walking distance, was sold for just under 5 million euros.»

«For lower budgets, still in Mougins, on boulevard Courteline and its surroundings with beautiful views, there are properties for around two million euros but with work required, which can be an obstacle for the foreign buyer for whom extensive renovations constitutes a real constraint. Turnkey properties are a favourite with our customers! There is also high demand for empty plots or those with houses that are not up to date or standard, which can be demolished to build new ones. But even land is displayed at very high prices, with an entry ticket of around 800.000 to 1.2 million euros.»





«Our agency has been established in Roquefort-les-Pins for over 30 years now,» explains Patrick Bruce (Bruce International Properties). «We primarily cover properties of charm and character in the hinterland, north of the motorway, on a broad market ranging from the Monaco border to Saint-Tropez. Regarding the Cannes hinterland, it is interesting to note the presence of many old perfumers homes around Grasse. These properties on large lots have a history, beautiful architecture with soaring ceilings and fi replaces in every room … They have often been tastefully renovated, keeping their spirit but equipping them with all modern features.»

«Accordingly, we have just sold an old mill in 2.5 ha grounds for 4.6 million euros and a vast property in Roquefort-les-Pins for seven million euros. But there are also very attractive offers at around one million euros, certainly on smaller lots but with undeniable charm. Prices have fallen by approximately 20% in 5 years but the scale is still quite extensive in the hinterland, with villas that may exceed 10 million euros in Mougins and properties starting at 800.000 euros in Opio».






«I have been manager of the Valbonne agency since 2010,» confi des Georges Fassone (John Taylor Valbonne). «We have been in charge of the Mougins sector for the last two months. This part of the Cannes hinterland attracts French and international clients, drained by Sofi aAntipolis and Mougins School, demand generally for main homes, which extends to Opio and Châteauneuf. We encounter a particularly large clientele for Valbonne, a town worshiped by the British and Scandinavian buyers. Valbonne has the advantage of being lively all year round thanks to its dozens of restaurants and craft-shops, not to mention three nearby golf courses. It is moreover not uncommon to find golf bags in the Valbonne properties! Likewise we have remarked the presence of many French buyers returning after expatriation. The demand is focused on properties within walking distance of the village, given that the Valbonne market consists of properties situated in the towns of Opio and Chateauneuf, a few minutes walk or drive away. Prices start at around 800.000 euros and can reach 6 or 7 million euros when all quality criteria have been met. It’s more about environment than plot surface.»

«A property that is sold at 3 million euros will in certain cases have 3.000 m2 of land, and in other cases 3 ha! In particular, if it is in an enclosed estate or has a panoramic view of the sea. The market overall seems peaceful at the close of 2016, with a decreased demand in numbers, but which remains solid as it has simply had less of the curious and dreamers… We have also developed a seasonal rental service which has worked out very well this year between May and October.»

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