Our partners

Meet our premium partners from the property sector with whom we are in constant communication, in France and abroad.
  • LesEchos.fr

    The benchmark site for all economic, financial or stock market news. Find all the property advertisements from Lux-residence.com on LesEchos.fr.

  • Le Point

    This magazine, overwhelmingly supported by the French, has become a must-read for political, economic and cultural information – among other subjects. You will find our advertisements for exceptional properties featuring regularly in its pages.

  • Logic-Immo.com

    The advertisements site for property professionals: more than 1,000,000 houses and apartments for sale all over France! (1)

  • Unique Homes

    More than 4,000 advertisements for prestige property in North America and the Caribbean on the website of the premier US magazine for prestige property (2)

  • Orange.fr

    Find all the Lux-residence.com property advertisements in the property section of the Orange.fr portal, « Prestige » tab.

  • LeMonde.fr

    Top French news website, it attracts nearly 60 million visits each month (3). This partnership provides a major access point for Lux-Residence.com’s prestige property adverts.

  • LExpress.fr

    Political, international, economic, sports and cultural news. Find your property adverts on this really valuable information portal.

  • CoteMaison.fr

    This partner, a French lifestyle portal, will complement your prestige and character property adverts perfectly.

(1) Internal source, November 2012
(2) Internal source, January 2013
(3) Source OJD November 2013