Entfliehen Sie dem Alltag, und legen Sie Ihr Augenmerk auf unsere Lieblingsregionen; so können Sie mit den notwendigen Informationen auf Objektsuche gehen.


Discovering the German market

With charming villages in bucolic settings and modern, dynamic cities, Germany seems to combine the best of both worlds. Europe’s economic powerhouse is well worth discovering… just like its offer in terms of luxury properties.



Berlin, the enchantress


The country’s number one tourist destination, the German capital has undergone a veritable metamorphosis since the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989. A cosmopolitan city par excellence, it’s historical, cultural, bohemian and serious all rolled into one… One thing is sure: from the impressive facade of the Bundestag to Humboldt University where Hegel taught, history is omnipresent in the streets of this city with 3 million inhabitants.


As regards real estate, the price per square meter is significantly cheaper than in Paris. A favorable context which also benefits prestige property offers, as for this recent 170 square-meter loft with a fireplace and terrace, located in the heart of the historical center, up for sale for less than a million euros.


Buyers in search of peace and quiet would do well to investigate the peaceful residential neighborhood of Grunewald, towards the east. The homes provide an unmatched quality of life. Such is the case with this villa from the late 16th century with 6 rooms, 1,000 square meters of space and generous grounds, ideal for large families.



Timeless Bavaria


As the leading region of Germany economically speaking, the Federal State of Bavaria is also the sector where the market is the most dynamic in the country. How could anyone remain unmoved by its inimitable charm? With verdant landscapes, pristine lakes, and majestic castles, it exudes tradition. Culturally speaking, Bavaria, away from the clichés, often displays a surprising modernism.


Concerning real estate, the Bavarian countryside will live up to your expectations. Whether you are looking for a villa, a manor or even a castle, the choice is yours. Some exceptional properties cost more than 10 million euros, but some castles from the 18th century can be negotiated for around 2 million euros in Upper Bavaria.


Munich, the other face of Bavaria, is home to many large corporate headquarters. It attracts an international and demanding clientele, and buyers will readily spend several million euros for comfortable apartments close to the Messenstadt Riem, a particularly verdant neighborhood mixing homes and a business center.



Frankfurt: mixing business and pleasure


As the nerve center of German and European finance, Frankfurt is often compared to cities such as London or New York… not only because of its economic activity, but also for its cosmopolitan feel and happening cultural scene.


Most of the exceptional properties are located in the business district of Niederrad. There you can acquire a luxurious, upper-story, 3-room apartment with bay windows offering a view over the city for less than 900,000 euros. As in New York, the higher the properties, the more they are in demand, and split-level apartments at the top of the towers sell for several million euros…



Baden-Baden: serenity and delight


We will finish our tour of Germany at the foot of the Black Forest, in the Land of Baden-Württemberg. Very close to Alsace, Baden-Baden, whose spa has been welcoming European tourists for many years, has been endeavoring to appeal to an increasingly luxurious clientele. Over the years, brands such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Dior have opened boutiques in the pedestrian city center. The city is also home to the highest percentage of millionaires in Germany, with one millionaire for thirty inhabitants. Real estate is expensive: houses with patios generally trade at more than 1.5 million euros.

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